Netflix and Chill With Black Phillip When ‘The Witch’ Arrives on the Streaming Service in September

Depending on who you ask, Robert Eggers’ The Witch is either one of the best horror films of the past 10 years or an over-hyped bore, and those discussions are still regularly taking place on platforms like Reddit and Twitter now a few years removed from its release. Love it or hate it, fans can’t stop talking about The Witch, and it’s about to find a whole new audience.

We’re able to exclusively let you know today that The Witch is arriving on Netflix just in time for the Halloween season, with Black Phillip being dropped onto the service on September 17.

If you’re asking me, The Witch is the kind of film where literally every aspect is impeccably realized. It’s a nightmare that transports you to a different time and masterfully immerses you in the head-space of that period and the hysteria that’s become synonymous with it. Eggers’ debut is a blend of true horror and fictional fantasy that’s simply unforgettable.

Over-hyped? Hardly.

The full list of new Netflix arrivals for September will arrive tomorrow, August 22.

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