‘e-Demon’ Clip Panics Post Murder

Dark Cuts Pictures shared a clip from Jeremy Wechter’s feature e-Demon (review), opening theatrically with a day-and-date VOD release September 14th. The film looks similar to Blumhouse’s Unfriended franchise.

It stars Julia Kelly, John Anthony Wylliams, Christopher Daftsios and Ryan Redebaugh and is produced by Wechter, who directed off-Broadway musical comedy Little House on the Ferry, Michael Gonzalez, PJ Starks and Emily Pojman.

e-Demon tells the story of an escaped demon on a dark and twisted mission that manipulates a group of friends hanging out on a video-chat.”

“Kendra, AJ, Mar and Dwayne are old college friends who find themselves growing apart. Attempting to hang on to their college days, the gang gets together online for a night of stories, pranks and drinking via webcam. As the evening progresses, they unknowingly release a devious demon that had been trapped for centuries in Salem, Massachusetts. Since the demon can possess multiple people at once, the group of friends must determine who they can still trust in order to survive the demon’s dark and twisted mission.”

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