A Handful of Sony Movies Have Been “Venomized” for Fun Slipcovers at Walmart

Earlier this year, Deadpool “photo-bombed” select 20th Century Fox titles for a line of exclusive slipcovers that were found in Walmart stores, and Sony has come up with a similar gimmick tied to October’s release of Venom. In a bid to use the movie to push some of their past titles, Sony has “Venomized” a handful of them with Walmart exclusive slipcovers!

The movies, including the Ghostbusters and Underworld collections, as well as the Spider-Man films, have been covered in the dripping black symbiote that turns men into monsters. Each movie also includes $8 cash towards your Venom ticket, as an added double dip incentive.

Walmart currently has a handful of exclusive Venom POP! vinyl toys, also with movie cash.

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