Now Available On Blu-ray, ‘Mandy’ Comes Packaged With the Fully Uncut Cheddar Goblin Commercial

Plus reversible cover art!

Today’s the day, Cheddar Goblin Fan Club. Just in time for Halloween, Panos Cosmatos’ Mandy is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, bringing the critically acclaimed Nicolas Cage horror film home and where it belongs: on your Blu-ray shelf, ready to be re-watched at your leisure.

Undoubtedly one of this year’s standout horror flicks, Mandy is the truly unforgettable Nicolas Cage genre film we’ve been building towards in recent years, playing out like the cosmic, crazier cousin of Drive Angry. A film that confidently exists in a world entirely of its own creation, Mandy is crazy cool looking at almost all times and bloody as can be. Simply put, it’s a gem.

More elegantly stated, Scott Weinberg wrote in his Mandy review here on BD that it’s a “grimly alluring fever dream,” one that “might just be your new favorite movie of the year.”

Weinberg raved earlier this year, “If you want a bizarre and blistering revenge story set in a uniquely ominous world, Mandy has a lot to offer. If your tastes lean towards genre flicks like Hellraiser, The Wicker Man, and Race with the Devil, there’s very little chance you won’t dig this movie in a big way. And if you’re hoping for a big fat amalgamation of action, horror, pitch black comedy, bittersweet romance, and that wonderfully sweet smell of sheer unpredictability, hell, Mandy might just be your new favorite movie of the year.”

Not that it even needs special features in order for you to buy it, but Mandy‘s Blu-ray release has a handful, including a 22-minute documentary that’s packed with never-before-seen concept art and behind the scenes photos/videos. The mini doc digs into aspects like the script, the casting (Nicolas Cage was originally going to play Jeremiah Sand, not Red Miller!) and the filming locations, featuring insights from Panos Cosmatos as well as producer Elijah Wood.

Also included on the disc, you’ll find 14 minutes of deleted/extended scenes, most notably the complete, “uncut” Cheddar Goblin commercial! This version of the beloved commercial is just a tad bit longer than the one seen in the film itself, and if you’re asking me, more Cheddar Goblin is always a good thing. An extended version of Bill Duke’s monologue is also part of the bonus features package, along with a completely deleted scene wherein Nic Cage laughs maniacally while pumping gas until the total reaches 6.66 gallons. Yes, it’s as glorious as it sounds.

One last thing that’s worth noting is that the Blu-ray art is reversible, with the film’s original poster art featured on the other side of the new home video art. A nice little bonus there.

Grab your copy today!

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