There’s a New Horror Movie Called ‘Llamageddon’ That’s Streaming on Amazon for… One Million Dollars

Look, we don’t even know anymore. 2018 is out of its mind, alright?

We can’t be sure what actually happens when you click that “purchase” button, and we’re too afraid to risk finding out, but there’s a horror movie you can find streaming on Amazon that’s titled Llamageddon, and it’s making waves in the community due to its high rental cost. Billing itself as “the most expensive movie on Amazon,” it costs $1,000,000.99 to rent in HD.

(If you want to save a little money, it’s only $999,999.99 in SD!)

Now we can only assume that the makers of Llamageddon are the ones who set that insanely absurd price, likely as a means to generate some viral press for what otherwise looks to be a pretty godawful horror movie. And it’s working, of course, as I’m sitting here right now writing an article about the million dollar price tag. God dammit. They got me, didn’t they?

So what’s Llamageddon about, you ask? In the Howie Dewin-directed film…

“A killer llama from outer space crash lands on Earth and begins reigning havoc on a group of unsuspecting college students.”

You can check out the movie’s trailer below, which is free of charge. Presumably, the movie’s price will soon lower by about $999,995, once the team decides to actually make a little money from their clever viral marketing tactic. Just be careful you don’t accidentally rent it right now. You may be paying it off for the rest of your days here on this planet.

Or at least until a devil llama from another planet kills us all.

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