Exclusively at Target, You Can Grab ‘Jaws’ on Blu-ray in Retro VHS Packaging!

Target has been having a whole lot of fun tapping into VHS nostalgia this year, as their exclusive Blu-ray and 4K releases of the second season of “Stranger Things” are housed in VHS packaging, while they’re also selling ’80s movie t-shirts packaged inside of VHS boxes.

Now, you can even grab a copy of Jaws on Blu-ray… in VHS packaging!

The new “VHS Artwork” Blu-ray line from Target includes a handful of films, but Jaws is the only horror one. Other titles include Fletch, The Breakfast Club, E.T. and Fast Times.

Jaws on VHS/Blu-ray can be yours for just $12.99, in stores and online.

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