Don’t Expect an Unrated Release of ‘Venom’

There was a lot of drama leading up to the release of Sony’s Venom, which ended up a moot point after making $850M at the global box office. Still, it’s hard to ignore the comments by Tom Hardy who all but threw the studio under the bus for changing the tone of the film late into production. Shit, even Columbia Pictures’ president Sanford Panitch made eyebrows raise back in 2017 when he also said that Venom will draw on the work of both Carpenter and Cronenberg. We expected an R-rated horror film all the way up until the surprising report that the studio would be editing the Ruben Fleischer-directed adaptation down to PG-13 in order to fit with their newly planned universe. As a fan, it’s annoying, but I get it from a business perspective. Still, with studios like Fox re-edited Deadpool for a different audience, why not do the same with Venom? It seems like a no-brainer, outside of the fact that it would be the filmmakers’ way of admitting it should have been rated R. Hence, we won’t be seeing any alternate cuts of the film:

“I’m proud of the movie we’ve put out, and I think that the additional material on the DVD adds a little bit of color to the film,” Fleischer told LRM.

“I don’t feel the need at this point to release an unrated version, I feel like fans seem to really like the movie that we put out.”

What he says is true at this point – many people are happy with the product, so why touch it?  No matter, Hardy has since stated that he’d still like to see an R-rated Venom sequel – and with Carnage all but confirmed for the next film, maybe they push the envelope a bit further? At the end of the day, it is what it is and it’s time to put this all to bed. The odds of us seeing an R-rated Venom film are probably zero, especially after these comments by the producers. At least we now know to keep our expectations in check and, let’s be honest, even though Venom was a disaster it was also pretty damn fun.

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