The UK Blu-ray Release of ‘One Cut of the Dead’ is Region Free So You Might Want to Grab It!

We were initially excited back in December when the horror-comedy One Cut of the Dead made its way onto Amazon Prime, but we quickly learned that it had actually been illegally bootlegged onto the streaming service. Long story short, it was quickly removed, leaving us to continue waiting for a U.S. date. But if you can’t wait any longer, we’ve got good news.

Gayly Dreadful over on Twitter has informed us this week that the UK Blu-ray release of Third Window Films’ acclaimed zombie-comedy is, actually by mistake, Region Free!

The account tweeted, “So I can personally confirm that the UK release of One Cut of the Dead is REGION FREE even though the box says Region B. It just played in my PS4. I really, really, really recommend this one.

Third Window chimed in, “We had set this up as a locked Region B and thought it was so, but just checked on a Region A player because of your tweet, and it seems to be Region free! Seems to have been an error on our part!!

In other words, if you can’t wait to see One Cut of the Dead (read our review), you’ll be able to watch the just-released UK Blu-ray on *any* player. So be sure to pick up a copy!

In the film, things go badly for a hack director and film crew shooting a low budget zombie movie in an abandoned WWII Japanese facility, when they are attacked by real zombies.

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