Slender Man-esque Character Appears in First ‘Flay’ Clip

Last March, it was announced that Eric Pham‘s horror fantasy Flay had been delayed indefinitely… the day it was to be released through Phame Factory. Deadline recently discovered why, reporting that Sony served the indie with a cease-and-desist order to stop the release of Flay as it claimed that it was a rip-off of the Slender Man character, which it had the exclusive rights to.

However, Phame Factory filed a lawsuit in July seeking a judgment that its promotion and distribution of Flay didn’t infringe Sony’s copyrights. Deadline says they have now won the right to release the film and have also reached an agreement with Sony, albeit with a disclaimer on advertising materials, trailers and the movie itself.

It will now be distributed digitally on April 2, 2019, eight months after the release of Sony’s own Joey King-fronted Slender Man, which recorded a global box office of over $50M.

Pham, who is known for his special effects work on Grindhouse and Sin City directs a cast including Violett Beane (The Flash) and Phantasm star A. Michael Baldwin. Elle LaMont (Alita: Battle Angel, Machete Kills), Dalton Gray (Lazer Team, Dumber and Dumber To), Johnny Walter, Aaron Spivey-Sorrells, Peggy Schott, Kaylee King and Noe de la Garza also star.

The story follows an estranged daughter who, after the death of her mother, struggles to save her brother and those around her from a malevolent faceless spirit.

Here’s a clip from the film to go along with some fresh imagery and the poster art.

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