Mike Mendez’s Debut Feature ‘Killers’ Has Been Restored and It’s Streaming on Amazon Prime!

Before making films like The Convent, The Gravedancers, Big Ass Spider, Lavalantula and Don’t Kill It, our buddy Mike Mendez made his feature debut with a film titled Killers back in 1996, which had only ever been released on VHS. Much to the surprise even of Mendez himself, his first film has been restored and it’s now streaming through Amazon Prime!

Mendez wrote over on Facebook today:

This is very special news to me, because at one time I thought the film might be lost forever. The last time it was released was on VHS in 1997, so this was a wonderful surprise to see that it has been rescanned from the original negative and now streaming. Thank you to the folks at Multicom for restoring the film. I hope a Blu-ray release is just around the corner!

According to Dawn of the Discs, a Blu-ray release is indeed in the works.

In Killers, brothers Kyle and Odessa James have been found guilty of the murders of their parents and are sentenced to death. Shortly before their execution, the two shockingly escape from prison in the middle of the night. Dave Larsen, David Gunn and Damian Hoffer star.

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