Michael Dougherty Says to Expect ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Deleted Scenes on Home Video

We don’t yet have a home video date for Michael Dougherty‘s Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but once it is announced, you can expect some deleted scenes to be included on the disc. In a 30-minute chat with Collider this week, which we encourage you to watch in full if you enjoyed the movie, Dougherty teased what was cut and what will be presented on home video.

The director’s cut was around 2 [hours], 40-45 [minutes]. I called it Godzilla the mini-series,” Dougherty explained. “There weren’t a lot of whole scenes that got lifted out. There were a few, and they’ll end up on the Blu-ray. But a lot of it was trimming moments within each scene. We had a large ensemble cast, so there was a tendency to give each character a moment… and that adds up.”

He continued, speaking about those full scenes, “I don’t have a tally; I want to say that there’s roughly six to eight scenes…like actual, legit full scenes. And they’re a fun watch. I mean, listen, if we were doing Godzilla: The TV Series, they would be perfectly great scenes. But when you’re trying to make a 2-hour+ movie, pacing is a very important consideration.”

It was too front-loaded. Too much set up. The first act was dragging,” Dougherty added.

King of the Monsters is still playing in theaters, so get out there and support it!

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