Jordan Peele Explains Why He Sees ‘Us’ as Something of a Dark Easter Movie

Jordan Peele‘s new film Us, now available on home video, opens with a shot of rabbits locked in cages, and the rabbit imagery pops up throughout the film; particularly in the underground lair of the “Tethered,” who consume rabbits as their primary source of food. What’s the meaning behind that imagery, you may have asked yourself while watching the movie?

In the special features found on the film’s Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD release, Peele digs a bit into the symbolism of the rabbits, referring to Us as something of a “dark Easter” tale.

The animals in my stories represent this battle between science and religion for me. I tend to like to explore the gray area where religion and magic and the unexplainable meet science. Between the two you have an abomination… a metaphor for humanity,” Peele explains. “One of the motifs of this movie is the rabbits. They symbolize a lot of different things.”

He continues, “The main connection to me was Easter. This story is a dark Easter of sorts. Red is the messiah who’s rising from the hole that she was left for dead.”

So there you have it, straight from the man himself. Looking for a great horror movie you can watch every year on Easter Sunday? Jordan Peele has got you covered with Us!

The home video release is packed with special features, including deleted scenes and several different featurettes, so be sure to grab a copy if you want to dig even deeper.

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