David Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’ Making Blu-ray Debut With German Release

In the wake of horror films The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome and The Fly, David Cronenberg directed the highly controversial film Crash, an adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s same-named novel from 1973. James Spader, Holly Hunter and Rosanna Arquette starred in the 1996 film, which told the story of a group of people who take sexual pleasure from car crashes.

To date, Cronenberg’s Crash has never been released on Blu-ray, but our friends over at Dawn of the Discs let us know that that’s soon changing with an upcoming German release!

[Crash is] coming soon to Blu-ray from Turbine Media Group in Germany and in collaboration with David Cronenberg himself,” Dawn of the Discs noted over on Twitter today.

While we wait for more, check out the film’s original trailer below.

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