The Original ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Has Sliced Its Way Onto Netflix for Halloween

Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre probably isn’t a movie you associate with Halloween – after all, the film is set during the summer and has no discernible connection to the holiday aside from A) being a horror movie and B) featuring a killer in a creepy mask – but the film did begin its theatrical run in October… and that’s good enough for us.

On the road to Halloween and in the wake of the 1974 horror classic turning 45 years old just a few weeks ago, Netflix just put The Texas Chain Saw Massacre up for streaming today!

My own most recent revisit of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was on VHS back in July – yes, I own the Blu-ray but felt like watching the grainy VHS on that night – and my single biggest takeaway was something I really don’t need to tell you but I’m going to anyway: holy hell does that movie hold up. Hooper’s masterpiece is as savagely terrifying in 2019 as it must’ve been in 1974, and there’s truly never been anything quite like it – not before and not since.

One of my other big takeaways from my 2019 revisit was a whole lot more surprising than the realization that the film is as good now as it ever was: I actually don’t dislike Franklin as much as I used to? As I tweeted over the summer, I found myself feeling more sympathy for Franklin than I ever did before on my most recent rewatch. Chalk it up to me getting older and softer, but I always find it interesting that our experiences with movies change as *we* change. Which is why it’s often worth revisiting a favorite movie you hadn’t seen in many years.

In any event, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is now streaming on Netflix. Do whatever you’d like with that information. And if you’ve somehow never seen it – we don’t judge and we don’t gate-keep! – get on that this Halloween! It’s never too late to catch up on a classic.

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