Director Talks ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Gore Effects in This Scream Factory Blu-ray Clip [Exclusive]

“Most of those gore effects would be CGI [today].”

Scream Factory brings the 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine to Collector’s Edition Blu-ray tomorrow, February 11th, and the definitive release is loaded up with bonus features as well as brand new restorations of both the Theatrical and Unrated cuts of the film.

Jason Jenkins raved in his review:

“Scream Factory has done an incredible job with My Bloody Valentine. The images on both versions of the film are stunning, with the gore inserts in the unrated option looking far, far better than what we got with the previous Lionsgate release a decade ago.”

Speaking of the gore, director George Mihalka discusses the film’s practical gore effects in the exclusive clip you’ll find down below, plucked from the Blu’s bonus features package.

If you’re a fan of the original classic, this release is a *must-own* of the highest order.

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