Looks Like a New ‘Friday the 13th’ 12-Film Blu-ray Set Is on the Way With New Special Features!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Friday the 13th franchise, and we’ve been hearing rumblings that a brand new 12-film Blu-ray set is soon on the way in celebration.

The first we heard of this came courtesy of Jason Lives star Vincent Guastaferro, who revealed on Facebook last week that he recently recorded a new commentary for the film.

Guastaferro, who played Deputy Rick Cologne in Jason Lives, wrote:

Just finished doing the running commentary for the new 12 film box set being released later this summer. Did it with Thom Matthews and we piped CJ Graham in remotely.”

Thanks to Slash ‘N Cast for the heads up on those Facebook comments.

Now we didn’t want to jump the gun on reporting anything based solely on those comments, but this week Jason Goes to Hell director Adam Marcus similarly took to Facebook to let fans know that yes, a brand new 12-film Blu-ray set is on the way. Furthermore, he says that the set – for the very first time – will include the Unrated Cut of Jason Goes to Hell on Blu-ray!

Marcus wrote in a comment to a fan on his Facebook page, “This will be the first true unrated Blu-ray!!! With new features and awesomeness! It’s gonna rock!!!

The complete Friday the 13th franchise had been released in a Blu-ray set years ago, but even that set didn’t include the *unrated* cut of Jason Goes to Hell on Blu-ray disc. That set has also been out of print for quite some time, so it’s needless to say a big deal that we’re getting a whole new set that sounds like it’s going to be loaded with brand new bonus contents.

Nothing has been officially announced at this time, but stay tuned for updates!

Paramount is also releasing the original classic on Steelbook Blu-ray this May.

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