Watch Vin Diesel Play Hero, Have Sex, and Beat Up Bad Guys In the First 9 Minutes of ‘Bloodshot’

The first nine minutes of Bloodshot is here and it’s…not good.

After being pulled from theaters due to the coronavirus, Sony has already released the Vin Diesel comic book adaptation on specialty VOD platforms alongside Universal’s The Hunt and The Invisible Man.

With the release comes the most generic of opening scenes in which Diesel plays a badass soldier who saves a hostage and returns home a hero. Rocking his patented muscle shirt, he shares a romantic day with his wife before waking up to find her missing and his apartment swarming with invaders. He kicks all their asses until he’s mysteriously subdued.

As we learn later, Diesel is actually brought back from the dead as a lethal weapon, thanks to Rising Spirit Technologies’ use of nanotechnology. Guy Pearce, the head of Rising Spirit, uses false memories to manipulate a resurrected Bloodshot into assassinating people.

Meagan Navarro reviewed the film for us and wrote, “There’s enough entertainment offered to those looking for mild popcorn fun, but beyond that, it adheres far too closely to the average origin blueprint.”


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