One of ‘Bloodshot’s Powers Explained in Already-Released Deleted Scene [Video]

Forced out of theaters and released direct to VOD platforms this past Tuesday, Sony has already shared a deleted scene from Bloodshot that helps to clarify one of the superhero’s special abilities that he utilizes within the film.

Because of the nanotechnology, Vin Diesel‘s newly resurrected Ray Garrison knows pretty much everything – well, anything he can access on a government computer through his new “mind”. There’s no explanation of his new ability within the film, but it’s information anyone could gather using their own logic.

No matter, there was a sequence that was shot in which Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce) explains a bit of this to Diesel’s Garrison. You can also watch the first nine minutes of the film right here.

Meagan Navarro reviewed Bloodshot for us and wrote, “There’s enough entertainment offered to those looking for mild popcorn fun, but beyond that, it adheres far too closely to the average origin blueprint.”

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