Alfred Hitchcock Classics Including ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Birds’ Coming to 4K Ultra HD

Several classic horror films have made the jump to the 4K Ultra HD format in the last couple years, and we’ve learned today that four Alfred Hitchcock classics are coming soon.

Dawn of the Discs brings us the word that Universal is gearing up to release The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection, a 4K Ultra HD set that’ll include both Psycho and The Birds.

Rear Window and Vertigo are also part of the 4-pack release.

Additionally, Dawn of the Discs reports that the set will include the original uncut version of Psycho, which was released on home video for the first time back in 2018 in Germany.

The uncut version of Hitchcock’s Psycho is home to minor bits of footage (seen below) that were ultimately cut from the film; this version has aired on TV in Germany in the past.

More details as we learn them.

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