Lionsgate Bringing 1989’s ‘Little Monsters’ to Blu-ray as Part of Vestron Video Collector’s Series!

One of my personal favorite gems from the ’80s, 1989’s family-friendly monster movie Little Monsters is finally coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Lionsgate, we’ve learned this week.

The release will be part of Lionsgate’s Vestron Video Collector’s Series, and Michael Felsher reports that the Blu-ray is headed our way (with new special features!) in September.

Fred Savage and Howie Mandel star in Little Monsters, wherein a boy (Savage) discovers the friendly Maurice (Mandel) and a whole world of other monsters under his bed.

Coming along three years after the release of My Pet Monster, Little Monsters essentially played with the same idea of a young boy befriending a benevolent monster. The monster-comedy flipped the classic “monster under the bed” fear on its head, though it also wasn’t afraid to get scary with the introduction of villains Snik and the human skin-wearing Boy.

The film was directed by Richard Greenberg, who passed away back in 2018.

David Cronenberg’s Shivers is also coming to Vestron Blu-ray in September.

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