A24 Now Selling ‘Midsommar’ Director’s Cut in Special 4K Ultra HD Collector’s Edition!

The Director’s Cut of Ari Aster‘s Midsommar has finally received a physical release, with A24 making the surprise announcement today that it’s up for grabs in a 4K UHD Collector’s Edition.

“The first Collector’s Edition from A24, Ari Aster’s 171-minute director’s cut will look as crisp on your bookshelf as it does in 4K Ultra HD,” A24 promises.

Both a 4K edition and a Blu-ray edition are available.

A24 further details, “Blu-ray disc comes enclosed in a clothbound, Hårga-yellow slipcase, accompanied by an illustrated 62-page booklet featuring original artworks from the film by Ragnar Persson and a foreword by Martin Scorsese.”

Julieann Stipidis reviewed the Director’s Cut for us last year, writing: “Impressively, the Midsommar Director’s Cut manages to move more swiftly and efficiently than the previous version does. With added situational context, dialogue, humor, and foreshadowing, any remote slowness of the original cut is modified to put the viewer into an entertained, fixated trance.”

You can grab your copy for $45, with orders shipping by July 20th.

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